About Scotland with Shaun

Hello and welcome to Scotland with Shaun.

My name is Shaun (pictured above) and I am a video blogger from Edinburgh in Scotland. I've been making YouTube videos about my home country since 2014, with my goal being to share my country - and my enthusiasm for all things Scotland - with people from around the world.

Ultimately, I want more people to visit Scotland and hope this site will serve as some inspiration for your next trip.

And for those who are unable to travel, I want Scotland with Shaun to be a great way to bring Scotland into your home.

I want to connect with as many other people as possible who may also be interested in Scotland, or who may have Scottish ancestry and want to learn more.

Through time, I've posted thousands of vlogs and other videos on the internet for you to watch and will continue to do so on my main vlogging channel and the Scotland with Shaun youtube channel.

While presenting videos is my passion, I wanted to create this website as an extra resource to help as many people as I can with finding out more about, and hopefully visiting, Scotland!

I'm so grateful you've come here to learn more about me and this website, and I hope you'll enjoy learning more through the pages of this website.



P.S. I am also doing free digital walking tours of Edinburgh (Scotland's historic capital and my hometown!). If you'd like to reserve your spot, click on the link below.

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