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aviemore highlands vlog Mar 14, 2021

I have filmed over 1,000 videos about Scotland, and it just keeps on getting better and better the more I point my camera.

In my latest YouTube vlog, I took a road trip up to Loch Morlich near Aviemore.

The end. The whole glorious 22 minute video is a documentation of that road trip. You can watch the video by clicking the image below or by following this link, but as it was shot in 4k I'd urge you to go onto your smart TV, click or download the YouTube app and once in YouTube search for 'shaunvlog'. 

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As I said in the video, this video almost never got posted. I took it back in December 2020. A few days later, we went into strict lockdown meaning we could not travel further than 5 miles from our homes in Scotland.

With so many people locked down, it didn't feel right to share. But as a content creator, I can also tell you that the longer you leave video locked up, the harder it is to go back and edit it.

So I've posted it with a strong disclaimer: this video was shot before lockdown.

I hope it may inspire you to come and visit.

Whenever it's cold here and there's even a chance of snow happening anywhere in Scotland, the small section of the country along the A9 road between Dalwhinnie and Aviemore is usually the best bet of seeing it. As you can see from the video, we did, and it was spectacular.

On a crisp, cold and sunny day - with snow - this is Scotland at its best!

Here is the music setlist for today's video in order of appearance. All music was from Epidemic and you can follow this link and search for the tracks:

1) Sun Fade - Of Water

2) Diaphanous Dreamcoats - Silver Maple

3) Contrarium - Ever so Blue

4) Lofi Ocean Waves - By Lotus

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